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Month: April 2019

A Special Blend: Passion And Immigrant Work Ethic Fuel Coffee Entrepreneur Published in Forbes.com Cole Haan BrandVoice

Sumi Ali can recall the exact sip that launched his passion for high-quality coffee. Standing in a Chicago-area coffee shop where he had just landed a job, the newly minted teenage barista noticed “an immediate, detectable difference” from any coffee he had previously tasted.

At The Craft Beer Brewery, A Trailblazing Chemist Published in Forbes.com Cole Haan BrandVoice

Until she graduated from college, Jocelyn Havel expected that she would eventually become a doctor. Then she considered studying to be a chemist, as her family was full of scientists. She certainly never dreamed of making beer for a living.

Seeing Beauty In “Ugly” Vegetables, Cofounders Find Business Model For Reducing Food Waste Published in Forbes.com Cole Haan BrandVoice

Avocados mottled with brown scars. Lopsided bell peppers that topple over instead of standing up. Carrots that grew not in one neat line, but in two gnarly columns. All of this produce is perfectly edible. It just doesn’t meet the beauty standards demanded by most American grocery stores, and it could have been left to rot in a field or end up in a dumpster.

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