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The Cookie Recipe That Rewards Laziness Published in Taste Magazine

Conventional wisdom may tell you to soften butter before whipping up a batch of cookies, but a new wave of bakers are making an argument for tossing the butter straight from the fridge into the mixing bowl.

Review: Viaggio in Wayne Published in The Record

Drop everything, head to Wayne’s new Italian spot, Viaggio, and order the chicken. Yes, the chicken. Yes, this is a rare and ringing endorsement of what is the most notoriously boring dish in most restaurants. And no, it’s not Parmigiana or Francese. Those Italian-American favorites happen to be banned from the premises of Viaggio, a […]

Nouvelle Seoul Food Published in The Record

I stood, horrified, in a tiny Bergenfield shack watching Robert Cho commit unspeakable crimes against two sacred foods: smoked barbecue and Korean fare. He picked up a huge brisket, blackened from half a day in a smoker, and hacked it to pieces. He carefully sawed a glazed doughnut in half and piled on the meat. […]